What What Will Be in the Pack?

Hundreds of 100% Unique Hand-Drawn Icons

More hand-drawn icons than you’ll know what to do with. You’ll still want them all though. Each icon is included in SVG, AI, PSD, and PNG format

Hand-drawn Arrows

Remember that one time? When you needed some arrows, but not the same old boring arrows? If only you’d had these eye-catching bits of sexy! (Pssst...you can get them now.)

Grungy Texture Images

These aren’t hand-drawn. Nonetheless, textures like this come in very handy when you’re cranking out sketchy stuff. These are 100% original textures available nowhere else.

Dozens of Sketched Lines

Dashed lines, dotted lines, dividers, and dingbats, oh my! All packed into a handy Photoshop shape set.

Attention Grabbers and UI Elements

Perfect for landing pages, Calls-to-Action, and getting important things noticed. And yeah...it’s a handy shape set :)


Highlight and emphasize your designs with these hand-drawn circle elements. Better yet, add the whole shape set so they’re all available right inside Photoshop. And yes, they’re all editable and easy to make fit your content!

Full-size Hand-Drawn Grunge Textures

These aren’t just small spot graphics. Rather these are huge, full-page textures all drawn by hand. Hey, we’re biased but these are really quite amazing textures that can’t be found anywhere else.


Hand-drawn Edge Treatments

Add organic depth and shadows to your projects with cross-hatched edges & corners and even dot stippling!


Corner Elements

Sometimes you need a grungy frame, box, or shadow element around your site assets. This set will help you...uh... turn that corner. (Ouch. That one was bad.)


Video Tutorials

Watch as we design a full website using the elements in the kit! You’ll become a pro at importing and using the elements, using textures and UI elements, changing colors, and even editing the elements to suit your exact needs.


Free Font Recommendations

Font snob? Sweet, us too! Included in the set are our recommendations for amazing FREE fonts that pair well with all of our sketchy textural goodness!

FREE Bonus

Due to popular request, we’ve also drawn up dozens of social media icons for all the popular services


What format does everything come in?

Everything comes in PNG, AI, and PSD format. Everything is vectored and fully editable.

How big is the set going to be?

Honestly, we don’t even know. It’s getting bigger every single day. At last count, there were well more than 200 icons alone, a few dozen arrows, dozens of patterns…the list goes on. The set will be growing until roughly the end of time, but we estimate more than 500+ unique, individual items at launch time. With more coming regularly in our FREE lifetime updates!

Can we see this stuff in action anywhere?

Sure! You need look no further than this page, which was designed using just a few elements from the kit!

What can this stuff be used for?

Websites, book covers, logos, and even fine illustration. There are no limits. You can't resell or repackage the goodies yourself, but everything else is game!

This is the gift that keeps on givin’. We will continue to add icons and other elements to this kit. And when we do, you’ll be notified and sent a link to grab the new goodies for free.